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13 April 2014 @ 07:47 pm
Term XXVIII Quiz #06: Human Interest, Part 1 RESULTS  
Activity: Human Interest, Part 1
Participation Points: Participation Only. 10pts/5kts. (+ 5 bonus points if you own a Subscription to the Daily Prophet).
Deadline: Saturday, April 5, 11:59pm UTC Results!
Details: Pitch 5 different kinds of human interest pieces that the Daily Prophet could cover. 2pts per submission.

The Daily Prophet Editor is looking for new wizarding world-related human interest articles to feature in the Daily Prophet. What kind of articles do you think would appear in the Prophet and what would you like to read about? Send them here!

asphodel_rain Gryffindor 10 5
flipflop_diva Hufflepuff 15 5
lotrangel17 Hufflepuff 15 5
c_hrista Ravenclaw 15 5
cyn_ful Slytherin 15 5
growling Slytherin 10 5
mmailliw Slytherin 15 5
yu_lia Slytherin 10 5

House Totals:
Gryffindor: 10
Hufflepuff: 30
Ravenclaw: 15
Slytherin: 50

Questions or comments, let me know!