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01 December 2009 @ 08:36 am
Pinch Writer Sign Ups  
Here is a list of the positions of the Daily Prophet - most are pretty self explanatory :)

Copy Editor
Copy editor is the person who proof reads each of the columns before they're sent to publish. You'll need to check for spelling mistakes, test links and try to make sure all the columns share similar formatting. Copy Editor is given a full 24 hours between the writers deadline and the DP issue date to do this, but you can start proofing columns as soon as they're submitted by the writers if you want.

Gryffindor Correspondent
Hufflepuff Correspondent
Ravenclaw Correspondent
Slytherin Correspondent

House correspondents report on what's been happening in their common rooms; you can write about in-house activities, social posts, new members, or just use the space to crow about your houses's recent successes around HiH if you like.

Writing Spotlight
Fanart Spotlight

These writer's scour the HiH comms, looking for the best peices of fiction and fanart to showcase in the Prophet. Usually writers choose to pick one or two artists/fanficcers to spotlight per issue, but how you do it is up to you. You should include the icon challenge comms if you're writing for fanart.

Clubs Correspondent
Animagus/hh_wilderness Correspondent
Quidditch/Hogsmeade Correspondent
St.Mungos Correspondent
Insomniacs Correspondent

These correspondents report specifically on their respective comms. Clubs Correspondent might write a roundup of outcomes of various club activities, whereas the Quidditch/Hogsmeade correspondent might report on recent quidditch scores.

Ask Dumbledore (Two positions, please specify)
Our regular Agony Uncle column. In charge of writing in, or responding to, member's questions. One member will act as Dumbles, whilst another will create questions for him to answer (for issues where we don't have a member question available - which is usually pretty much all of them :( )

List and keep track of the auctions going on at The System. Also had free reign to list things like personal ads, lost and found, and pretty much anything you can expect to find in a Classified section of a newspaper.

Create and organise a wordsearch, crossword, sudoku puzzle or similar for each DP Issue. You'll need to provide me with an answer key each week so I can check the winners.

Create a comic or two for each DP issue. Thoughtful, hilarious, anything goes! Please keep it Harry Potter and/or HiH-specific, please! And no larger than 450px wide.


Articles are due the Wednesday before publication at 12:00 p.m. (noon) PST, so if you are needed, I will contact you sometime after the deadline. You will then have one day to write an article. If you don't think you'll ever be available, please don't sign up. But if you like writing under ~pressure, please feel free to sign up!

Use the textbox below.